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pearOS is the free alternative to MacOS while having the ability to enjoy all the advantages of an open-source Linux distro.

pearOS: a new base, a new design, a new everything

The greatest release of pearOS is NiceC0re. An arch based Linu Distro made to look a bit different than the current pearOS versions. This version will be the main pearOS version, classic versions will be still developed, by the tradition, every time when Apple releases a new macOS version

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The pearOS installer

pearOS NiceC0re is the first pearOS version to try the new installer, installer made in Electron with nodeJS, which is, at the moment, quite unstable, since it is a beta, and the installer is still in development.

nicec0re installer
nicec0re screenshot

Purpose of the OS

The biggest purpose of this Linux Distro is to get the smoothet Linux experience, with lots of animations, blur, and effects.

Frequently asked questions

What is NiceC0re?

NiceC0re is an alternative for the current pearOS versions, made to look different than the actual macOS versions, with own design

What is pearOS NiceC0re based on?

Arch Linux, with KDE Plasma as Desktop Environment

What are the basic system requirements for pearOS?

Anything that can run Windows 7 with Aero Effects, can run pearOS with no problem

How stable is pearOS?

At the moment, pearOS might have bugs, since there is only one developer, I can't do everything perfect

Where do I submit Bugs that I found?

The ways to submit a bug found in pearOS can be found by navigating to the Support page

How many developers are in pearOS?

There is only one developer, Alexandru Bălan, but community can help developing various things, a good example would be Andrei Muntean, who designed and developed this website.

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